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Helix : Eric Brown
Pages: 528
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849971850
ISBN (Epub): 9781849971843
ISBN (Print): 9781844164721
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Release date: 04 Jun 2007

Helix is a fast-paced action adventure novel following the plight of four humans when they crashland on what they think is a desolate, ice-bound planet. Daylight brings the discovery that the planet is one of thousands arranged in a vast spiral wound about a central sun. They set off to discover a more habitable, Earth-like world and come across strange races of aliens, and life-threatening perils, on their way.
About The Author : Eric Brown
Eric Brown is the award-winning author of a huge number of SF novels, children's books, radio plays, articles and reviews, including Helix, Helix Wars, The Bengal Station Trilogy, The New York Trilogy, Kethani, Engineman, Guardians of the Phoenix, Kings of Eternity, The Serene Invasion, two Weird Space novels and The Fall of Tartarus. www.ericbrown.com