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Operation Atlas Lion : Addison Gunn
Operation Atlas Lion
Pages: 80
ISBN (Mobi): 9781786180100
ISBN (Epub): 9781786180100
Digital Download Available in ePub & Mobi Formats

Release date: 09 Jun 2016

New York City is a ruin, swarming with the Infected, with clouds of giant parasitic wasps, with the rampaging beasts of the Archaeobiome. Betrayed by Harris, trapped outside the Astoria Compound with dwindling supplies, Alex Miller and Cobalt are seemingly lost. But they have one thing: Harris’s warhead.
OPERATION ATLAS LION: a Hail Mary pass, a plan of last resort. Draw the hordes of the Infected together and immolate them in nuclear fire. It was an insane plan, but – with some adjustment, and with Samantha’s help – it may be the only chance for the last survivors of New York City.
Extinction Biome is a new military-SF series about a world overrun by an ancient ecology, awakened from a millennia-long dormancy to destroy the human race; and about the decisions we must make to try and survive.
About The Author : Addison Gunn
Extinction Biome is, of course, the brain child of jungle warrior, revolutionary, counter-revolutionary and outdoorsperson Addison Gunn. But who is Addison Gunn? Addison’s too damn busy to answer that. Instead Gunn’s wrangled some of the best new talents in the genre to pen this exciting new series.