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Red Mosquito : Matthew Smith
Red Mosquito
Pages: 160
ISBN (Mobi): 9781786182487
ISBN (Epub): 9781786182487
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Release date: 18 Sep 2019


...although I don’t really follow politics, myself. You could say I ‘work with my hands.’ I’m a head-breaker for the Mob; I come for you if you owe the Bushman money. Or whatever other reason he gives.

But today’s job just can’t go right. Supposed to be beating up a loser with a bad habit, but I picked the wrong guy and now I’m babysitting some lab nerd babbling about Judges and bioagents, and it turns out I’m following politics after all…
About The Author : Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith was employed as a desk editor for Pan Macmillan book publishers for three years before joining 2000 AD as assistant editor in July 2000 to work on a comic he had read religiously since 1985. He became editor of the Galaxy's Greatest in December 2001, and then editor-in-chief of the 2000 AD titles in January 2006. He lives in Oxford.