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Riding the Unicorn : Paul Kearney
Riding the Unicorn
Pages: 432
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849978576
ISBN (Epub): 9781849978576
ISBN (Print): 9781781081907
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Release date: 28 Oct 2014

Warder John Willoby is being pulled between worlds, disappearing for minutes at a time from the prison and appearing in the midst of a makeshift medieval encampment before tumbling back. That, or he’s going mad, his mind simply breaking apart. It’s clear, to him and to his family, it must be the latter.
His wife can barely stand him, and his daughter doesn’t even try; he drinks too much and lashes out too easily. He isn’t worth anyone’s time, even his own. But in this other world—this winter land of first-settlers—he is a man with a purpose, on whom others rely. A man who must kill a King so as to save a people. With a second chance, Willoby may become the kind of man he had always wanted to be.
About The Author : Paul Kearney
Paul Kearney was born in Northern Ireland. He studied Old Norse, Middle English and Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University, and subsequently lived for several years in both Denmark and the United States. At present he and his family live by the sea in County Down. www.paulkearneyonline.com