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Ruthless : Jonathan Clements
Pages: 256
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849971256
ISBN (Epub): 9781849970846
ISBN (Print): 9781844161362
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Release date: 04 Apr 2005

His bite is worse than his bark!

Johnny Alpha is a mutant, an outcast from humanity. Living on the outside all his life, his only hope for survival was to become a Strontium Dog: a sanctioned mutant bounty hunter. In the lawless frontier of the galaxy, when the Strontium Dogs are after you, there's no escape.

However, when Johnny's sister goes missing, accused of a crime she didn't commit, he is determined to discover the truth. The rules no longer apply when it comes to a Dog's family and anyone who gets in his way better watch out!

Hardcore, no-holds-barred science fiction thrills from the lawless frontiers to the dirtiest, sleaziest end of the galaxy, Ruthless shows the Strontium Dog universe at its meanest.
About The Author : Jonathan Clements
Jonathan Clements is a British author and scriptwriter. His non-fiction works include biographies of Confucius, Koxinga and Qin Shi Huangdi (the First Emperor of China), as well as monthly opinion columns for Neo magazine. He is also the co-author of encyclopedias of anime and Japanese television dramas.