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Tangle's Game : Stewart Hotston
Tangle's Game
Pages: 352
ISBN (Mobi): 9781786181077
ISBN (Epub): 9781786181077
ISBN (Print): 9781781087152
Digital Download Available in ePub & Mobi Formats

Release date: 02 May 2019


Yesterday, Amanda Back’s life was flawless: the perfect social credit score, the perfect job, the perfect home.

Today, Amanda is a target, an enemy of the system holding information dangerous enough to disrupt the world’s all-consuming tech—a fugitive on the run.

But in a world where an un-hackable blockchain links everyone and everything, there is nowhere to run…
About The Author : Stewart Hotston
Trained as a physicist, philosopher and economist in a nearish galaxy quite a long time ago, Stewart Hotston now works in high finance fiddling around with weapons of financial destruction. When he’s not doing that, he’s probably writing or hitting people with medieval European swords. His writing spans genres including sci?fi, horror, fantasy and just plain weird with more than a dozen short stories published and two novels.