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The Complete Pantheon Series Volume 1 : James Lovegrove
The Complete Pantheon Series Volume 1
Pages: 912
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849976893
ISBN (Epub): 9781849976886
Digital Download Available in ePub & Mobi Formats

Release date: 01 Apr 2010


THE AGE OF RA: The Ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all the other pantheons and divided the Earth between them. Lt. David Westwynter, a British soldier, stumbles into Freegypt, the only place to have remained independent of the gods' influence, where he encounters the followers of a mysterious leader known as the Lightbringer, who has vowed to rid mankind of the shackles of divine oppression, driving the world towards an apocalyptic battle...

THE AGE OF ZEUS: The Olympians appeared a decade ago, living incarnations of the Ancient Greek gods intent on bringing order and stability to the world at all costs. Former London police officer Sam Akehurst receives an invitation too tempting to turn down: to join a small band of rebels armed with high-tech weapons and battlesuits. Calling themselves the Titans, they square off against the Olympians and their ferocious mythological monsters in a battle to the death...

THE AGE OF ODIN: Gideon Coxall was a good soldier but bad at everything else, until a roadside explosive device leaves him with one deaf ear and a British Army half-pension. When he hears about the Valhalla Project – recruiting former service personnel for excellent pay, no questions asked – it's like a dream come true. The last thing Gid expects is to find himself fighting alongside ancient Viking gods. Ragnarok - the fabled final conflict of the Sagas - is looming...
About The Author : James Lovegrove
James Lovegrove published his first novel at the age of twenty-four and has since written more than 40 books. He has been shortlisted for numerous awards, including the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, and his work has been translated into 15 languages. In 2011 he became a NYT bestselling author with Age of Odin. www.jameslovegrove.com