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The Iron Wars : Paul Kearney
The Iron Wars
Pages: 272
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849975070
ISBN (Epub): 9781849975063
ISBN (Print): 9780441009176
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Release date: 22 Jan 2013


Struck down in his moment of victory, Hebrion’s young King Abeleyn lies in a coma, his city in ruins and his fiancee and former lover vying for the throne. Corfe Cear-Inaf, now a colonel, is given a ragtag command of ill-equipped savages and sent on a hopeless mission by a jealous King who expects him to fail.

Richard Hawkwood and Lord Murad return bearing news of horror on a savage new continent, and they are not alone. Something terrible is lurking in the hold...
About The Author : Paul Kearney
Paul Kearney was born in Northern Ireland. He studied Old Norse, Middle English and Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University, and subsequently lived for several years in both Denmark and the United States. At present he and his family live by the sea in County Down. www.paulkearneyonline.com