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The Power of Media : Glen Mehn
The Power of Media
Pages: 128
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849979757
ISBN (Epub): 9781849979757
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Release date: 01 Apr 2016

1968, a time of change: the Black Panthers, the Stonewall riots, student protests, women’s liberation. Newly famous, Sherlock Holmes – the detective over the bakery on Avenue B – is much in demand.
Amid the steady stream of cases, Holmes becomes caught up in a string of seemingly innocuous stories. His landlady, the hardworking baker Mrs. Hendrix, is worried that her nephew has fallen in with a bad crowd. Madame Ondine, a notorious drag queen from Andy Warhol’s Factory, has apparently quit drugs and cleaned up his act. Dr. Bill, a mathematician and physicist, thinks his academic rivals are somehow stealing his notes.
The New Left is a turbulent, passionate, occasionally dangerous place at the best of times, but Holmes is on the trail of something darker. Something deadly...
The Power of Media is the third of three new novellas following on from the stories in Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets. Includes the story “Half There/All There.”
About The Author : Glen Mehn
Glen Mehn was born and raised in New Orleans, and has since lived in San Francisco, North Carolina, Oxford, Uganda, Zambia, and now lives in London. He's previously been published by Random House Struik and Jurassic London, and is currently working on his first hopefully publishable novel. When not writing, Glen designs innovation programmes that use technology for social good for the Social Innovation Camp and is head of programme at Bethnal Green Ventures. Glen holds a BA in English Literature and Sociology from the University of New Orleans and an MBA from the University of Oxford. Glen has been a bookseller, line cook, lighting and set designer, house painter, IT director, carbon finance consultant, soldier, dishwasher, and innovation programme designer. One day, he might be a writer. He lives in Brixton, which is where you live if you move from New Orleans to London. He moved country five times in two years once, and happy to stick around for a while.