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The Secret Zombie History of the World : Paul Finch
The Secret Zombie History of the World
Pages: 816
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849977357
ISBN (Epub): 9781849977340
ISBN (Print): 9781781081600
Digital Download Available in ePub & Mobi Formats

Release date: 10 Dec 2013


VIKING DEAD: Northern Europe, 976 AD. Bjólf and the Viking crew of the ship Hrafn flee up an unknown river after a bitter battle, only to find themselves in a bleak land of pestilence, where the dead return as draugr to feed on the flesh of their kin.

Terrible stories are told of a dark castle in a hidden fjord, and of black ships that come raiding with invincible draugr berserkers. And no sooner has Bjólf resolved to leave than the black ships appear...

STRONGHOLD: Ranulf, a young English knight, is among the force sent to capture Grogen Castle from Welsh rebels. Even as the English celebrate their triumph, the native druids are summoning a tireless army of bone and raddled flesh in retaliation. Now, for the sake of all, Ranulf must defy his masters and rescue the daughter of his enemy, but hope lasts only so long as the stronghold – once thought impregnable – holds out against the legions of the angry dead...

DEATH HULK: Orders to chase down the French frigate Elita off the Cape of Good Hope come as welcome news to Captain Havelock, stranded with the rest of the fleet at Spithead and waiting for France to initiate hostilities. Here is a chance for glory – and wealth.

Very soon, however, Captain Havelock will come to realise that theirs are not the only two warships in the southern ocean. An enemy thought long since vanquished has risen from the deeps...
About The Author : Paul Finch
Paul Finch is an award-winning horror film writer, ex-cop and historian. His novel Cape Wrath made the final ballot of the Bram Stoker Awards and his short story, 'After Shock' won the British Fantasy Award. He has written two novels for Abaddon: Stronghold and Dark North.