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The Worm That Wasn't : Mike Maddox
The Worm That Wasn't
Pages: 240
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849970310
ISBN (Epub): 9781849970099
ISBN (Print): 9781905437535
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Release date: 17 Apr 2008

On Inan, a strange new power stirs...

Leah is a simple gardener, tending the psychic plants that can create chemical and psychological weapons of immense magical power. But she dreams of so much more, hoping for a better life within the walls of the Castle. Her calm ordered existence is tainted by sickness and plague, a contagion that picks its victims, possessing something very like intelligence. In a world where science and magic embrace each other, Leah discovers a terrifying secret that may tip her world into madness and chaos worse than any mere war. Leah will have to confront her deepest fears if she hopes to save the lives of the people she loves. Out there in the dark, the worm is waiting.

And the worm is so very hungry...
About The Author : Mike Maddox
Mike Maddox's senses departed him, after being a lifelong fan of the short story, and in a moment of weakness he wrote the script for the Lion Graphic Bible, a full-scale comic strip adaptation of the entire bible. He has no idea what he must have been thinking. Since publication, the book has won an award at the prestigious Angouleme Comics festival, and has been translated into 22 languages in hardback alone. The artist on the book, Jeff Anderson, who previously worked on Judge Anderson for 2000AD, must have been reading the script very carefully, as he is currently in theological college, training to be a vicar. Together with Doctor Who TV series writer and novelist Paul Cornell, Mike co-wrote the Big Finish Doctor Who audio play "Circular Time", starring Peter Davison, David Warner and Hugh Fraser. He has had other comic strips published here and there, and is still mostly proud of being responsible for accidentally putting full frontal male nudity in a Roy of the Rovers comic strip. Dreams of Inan: The Worm That Wasn't is his first novel.