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Thief of the Ancients : Mike Wild
Thief of the Ancients
Pages: 864
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849976855
ISBN (Epub): 9781849976848
ISBN (Print): 9781781082140
Digital Download Available in ePub & Mobi Formats

Release date: 11 Mar 2014

The world of Twilight turns in the darkness, illuminated by the ethereal glow of the god-planet, Kerberos. This is a world of heroes and monsters, in which four unique individuals will stand against the end of everything. One of these is Kali Hooper, archaeologist and adventurer, exploring the lost places of the world and uncovering the mysteries and artefacts left behind by lost people in ancient days. Battling the forces of the sinister, oppressive Final Faith – stopping only occasionally for a pint at the Here There Be Flagons – Kali will unearth the secrets of Twilight’s past and discover the fates of the vanished Old Races. And, perhaps, she will reveal the truth of her own beginnings...

This omnibus collects the books The Clockwork King of Orl, The Crucible of the Dragon God, Engines of the Apocalypse and The Trials of Trass Kathra.

About The Author : Mike Wild
Apart from dabbling occasionally in publishing and editing, Mike Wild has been a freelance writer for many years, by way of work as diverse as Doctor Who, Masters of the Universe and Starblazer. He has written five novels for Abaddon Books.